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Greenday, the living end
{ Tsongas Hockey Arena }

Fri Jun 29 14:43:03 CDT 2001
Promoter: ns
Security: not that i know of
Where: Lowell, Mass.
When: 6/22/01
Stage: indoors

well, first, the living end opened for greenday. they were cool, kinda like the sex pistols (their best song was ""Prisoner of society"". possibly one of the best punk songs) there were a few body surfers in the crowd, but then they ended. (we were in our seats the whole time, we weren't really into them at first) the set from greenday was starting to get put up, so my friends and i started to the floor. there were about 9 of us in a group...we all started dancing around to the music playing like idiots so people would give us enough room, but as soon as greenday came on that room we cleared was gone again. Body surfers were everywhere, one kid i saw broke his ribs and his hand. he laughed the whole time. people were making big circles and dancing in the middle, it was awesome. there was a real bondage of punks everywhere around us, and if someone fell you'd help them back up and push them back into the crowd or send em up again. The one guy in my group once got really hurt at a local band's mosh pit, so he was looking out for me and my friend, who are small girls. he kept asking us if we were ok when someone body surfed over us. one of my friends got kicked in the head a few times. i got pushed by some kid and ended up punching him back. we all felt lightheaded and dizzy, it was so hot so my friend bought us waters and we saw this one girl lying down on the floor next to us, we told her friends not to let her go to sleep or else she'd go unconcious. soon EMT's came and helped her. there were security gaurds at all the entrances/ exits. some people snuck pot in and were smoking that. one of my friends got her necklace taken away because they thought it could be used as a weapon, but she hid it in a bush and soon got it back at the end. it was a awesome concert, i love greenday and the living end, and i will never forget it. it was the greatest expirence, and the moshing made it all the worthwile. Punks rule!


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