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Skrape, V.O.D., Slayer
{ Recher Theatre }

Sun Jul 8 17:43:32 CDT 2001
Where: Towson, MD.
When: 6/17/01
Stage: indoors

Me and 3 friends love Slayer. Of course, none of us were around when the 80's came around, we were all born in '85, so we had no time to listen to music back then. So we flipped to hear Slayer was coming close by. So of course we got tickets. So, we're in this Recher Theatre, and Skrape is on stage. They were good live, but I don't like their music. No one moshed, just kinda had a good time cause the lead singer was jumping in the crowd and stuff. And I think he felt bad cause no one was headbanging or moshing but he knew we were all there to see Slayer and he made us scream it at the top of our lungs. So their set was over, and Vision Of Disorder piled out onto the stage. They're alright, so people started moshing. There were some huge people there, their arms were like redwoods, and people were getting the shit knocked out of them. Beaten, bloody, bruised, everyone was having fun. V.O.D. finally finished up and everyone was silent. A foot came out from the curtain, and then an arm, and a bald head... none other then Kerry King. I thought I was going to go deaf from the cheering, as Jeff Hanneman, Tom Araya and Paul Bostaph followed. They started talking to us and everything and the first song they played was ""Hell Awaits"", and as soon as it got fast... I was up front, I made my way up and I will never forget the pain i was about to go through. The crowd smashed us together, and then moshing broke out. We all were kicking the shit out of each other and having a great time, and I fell a few times as did a lot of people but we all helped each other out cause Tom Araya said that the people in the front (us) are in a dangerous spot because of the guard rail and everyone surfing up. So I fell again but this time the guy who tried to help me up fell too, and we were getting stomped on and really messed up, no one knew we were down there. And he was kicked in the face, turns out the person had steel toe boots on, so when I realized that I had some burst of adrenaline and I knocked everyone back, like a domino effect, and pulled the guy out of the pit. Turns out he had a concussion but he's okay now... I got security to give him help and I ran back in and somehow got picked up and thrown back in the front of the pit. I was having trouble breathing and I messed up my ribs at that show but to me, it was worth it. But the fact that I fell and no one knew, it's hard to get back up. That was the best show I've ever seen, and I know it wasn't great detail but it got my story out...

Aaron Allison

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