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Area One Festival
{ Docks Entertainment Complex }

Wed Jul 25 12:12:52 CDT 2001
Promoter: SFX Canada
Security: Company Unknown
Where: Toronto, Ontario Canada
When: 22/07/01
Stage: outdoors

We were enjoying the show within the crowd - it was a very hot and humid day. I was with many of my friends - one of which suddenly became unconcious. She was grey in colour, purple lips and her eyes opened. I was terrified and immediately went to find a paramedic or medical attendant. I approached one of the staff selling water they didn't know where I should go. I could not find a security guard, first-aid tent, medical staff anyone to help me inside the gates. Eventually I found a female security guard ""outside the barrier"" who despite my yelling, screaming, and waving my arms (There were quite a few of them standing outside of the barrier) chose to ignore me. Only when I became irate did she come over. She too did not seem to know where to go for help so she said she'd come and ""find me"" (I had pointed out where my friend was) About 20 minutes later 2 medical looking staff approached me and showed little concern - as if I had ""inconvenienced them"" in some way. I was very angry and concerned with the cold attitude I received as well as the lack of knowledge of the security staff and vendors. There should have been clearly marked either signs or a first aid tent in case of emergency. Luckily her condition was not serious but in the case that it was I don't believe she would have received proper attention in a resonable amount of time. I felt very unsafe from then on knowing that if I was injured/ill myself that there was no one there to help me. The staff was rude and unprofessional and I do not reccomend this venue for future acts to anyone!

Venessa Venedam

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