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Blink 182, New Found Glory, Midtown
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Tue Sep 4 14:21:04 CDT 2001
Where: Atlanta
When: 8/4/01
Stage: outdoors

THis was my first concert, so when I got there i was pretty stoked. Midtown opened up at about 7:30 and it was pretty lame. The pit was dead and the crowd just wasnt into it. They would tell us 2 flick off all of the people siting on the lawn but nobody did it. Next NFG was up, their set rocked they crowd was into it but, the pit still wasnt alive. I saw a few crowd surfers, and 1 pit that lasted maybe 30 seconds. When blink came on the ampitheatre rocked crowd surfers being thrown everywhere!! THis one girl got thrown onto the railing, and landed on it and broke some of her ribs. It didnt look so fun. All in all the show was pretty good though.

Will Williams

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