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Three Doors Down, Fuel and Olenader
{ Asbury Park Convention Center }

Mon Oct 8 15:45:32 CDT 2001
Promoter: ???
Security: Big guys in Staff T-shirts
Where: Asbury Park, NJ
When: May 2001
Stage: indoors

Ok, let me just give you an idea of the setting...Asbury Park is an old run down convention center. I would say that it's maximum occupancy is 1,000 people. All shows are general admission but there are seats and a floor. The sound system is really shitty and the concessions stands suck. I would reccomend seeing a show here. Anyhow, I took my 13 year old sister and her friend to see this concert. We are all pretty small about 5'2, 120 lbs. We managed to be the second row of bodies off of the rail in front of the stage. It was awesome, we could see the sweat dripping off the bands faces. Oleander opened up and the pit wasm pretty calm. There was a little pushing but nothing that we couldn't take care of. Then, when Fuel came out...the pushing started, everyone bum rushed the stage. I really don't think that Fuel's music is real Mosh Pit Style otherwise I would have found a seat. The crowd became so tight that my feet weren't even touching the floor. The air was so hot, smoky and thick that I couldn't breathe. People were being passed around above my head and I was kicked in the face. I couldnt hold my own in there because I could barely stand not being able to touch the ground. Eventually some big guy behind helped me pick up my sis and her friend and hand them over to staff who pulled them out. Finally, I was able to get over the rail and out of the pit also. The pit was even worse when Three Doors Down came out. I couldnt believe how stupid everyone was acting. Three Door, Fuel and Oleander are not Angry Mosh Music like Disturbed, Slipknot, Korn, Tool or System of a Down. So why do people act this way? There fucked up, they think it's cool and they have no respect. I suggest that if you really want to enjoy your concert experience for what it worth, you should always get a ticket with a seat. Pay more for better seats if thats a concern but stay away from the pit because your life is more important than some concert. Remember in like 5 years these people won't even be famous and you'll still be here if your careful.


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