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When: JULY, 2000
Stage: OD

Now i love Ozzfest as much as the next girl, and have been going for the last 3 years. But Im STILL PISSED about what happened at the 2000 show. The World Theatere has a huge hill to sit on, with seats down below, the main stage in front of those seats. Well, PANTERA (ohhhya!) came on, and all was well. I got my ass in the mosh pit. There was a TON of HHHUUUGGE guys in there , and it was getting to damn rough for me. They were straight up headwalking, swinging fists and not helping anyone up. Thats cool with me, but not FOR me. I get out of the pit and start smokin a joint (keep in mind its like 100 degrees out and the dust from the pit is just about covering the lawn). Next thing i know, PANTERA singer Phil goes "I WANNA SEE ALLLL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS UP IN LAWN MOSH". BBBBAAADDD IDEA, PHIL. Next thing you know, theres over 2000 people (mostly realy big and fucked up dudes) kickin the shit out of everyone and everything. They had to stop the show till it calmed down a little. That wasnt cool at all...a pit you can get out of if you really really need to...a crowd of 2000 people is another story...plus, i droped my joint. Then, about 5 minutes later, some GENIOUS decides to start ripping up peices of the lawn (i mean entire strips of it!) and next thing you know, you had strips of sod, cups (full and empty,)rocks, lit smokes and basically just SHIT thrown at you. Next thing you know, the show gets stoped AGAIN. Now at this point, Im hot, sweaty, NOT STONED (the security will manage to stop you from rolling another joint, but not stop someone from throwing peices of sod at you..hmmmmm) and have to pay $7 motherfucking dollars for a reeealy small beer. Dont get me wrong, i still love Pantera, but it wasnt cool at all that we didnt have the CHOICE of being or not being in the pit....for christs sake, the ENTIRE MOTHERFUCKING LAWN WAS THE PIT!!!! Also, the shit getting thrown from the top of lawn and from the balconies was ridiculas. Thats not even FUNNY! Needless to say, i didnt do Ozzfest in 2001, but ill probably give it another shot this year. ROCK ON FOLKS!!!!


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