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{ it was last year and i forget,,it was just off spall across form Trinity }

Promoter: Stutterfly
Where: Kelowna/BC/Canada
When: last summe
Stage: ID

First of all Props to Chris, Craig, Jorden. and Brayden of Sutterfly, u guys go hard and we had good times and will have many more!.....OK i belive this was like my 5th or 6th stutterfly show..they were called Uncle Ed's Private Jet at the time...I Love dancing and domianating the pit,,,, and thats just what i set out doing,, this venue had a hard-wood floor and a low stage, about 2 feet high. B4 the show i was thinking of something fun and crazy to do at the show,,and i remebered back to when i saw The Deadlines at TOMFEST 99...everyone wass poping thise blood capsulles and spewing fake blood all over the place,, it was a mess,,,just thing to make my evening more enjoyable...so i picked some up and began my act,, I didnt really tell anyone about my plans....so low and behold stutterfly started playing and the crowd started moving,,,me right on the center going hard with a mouthfull of fake blood...i was wering a white long sleeved shirt for effect.I started spewing all down my shirt and the pit got smaller real quick,, peoepl got freakedout,, but then when they saw that i was just going hard and loving it they all joined back in...a few songs in i climbed on stage for a big backwards stage dive. I had popped all the blood capsules i had left ,, so much i coudl barely hold it in....my launch was successfull and i was on top of the crowd,, being tossed up in the air in the usuall fasion,, then for some odd reason I hit the floor head first and blacked out....a girl on the sidelines then dragged meoutta the pit and started freakin out.. I came too with with a large bump on my head and fake bloodrom head to toe,,,,to this day i still get kick out of telling peoepl it wasent real blood. Teh person the took that the hardest was the girl that pulled me outta the pit,, i guess she was real emotional over it,,, i woudl do it again anyday,,,

Steven Hasenbank

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