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Greenday, New Found glory, Sevendust, Alien Ant Farm, Sum 41, Live, Linkin Park, Saliva and much mor
{ RFK stadium }

Promoter: WHFS
Security: Pretty Good
Where: Washington DC
When: may 30-31, 2001
Stage: OD

This was the first rock concert that i ever went to, it was a two day event. I went with my sister in law, her two friends and my best friend. The first day my friend and I decide to go down into the crowd, right when sevendust was starting my friend and I got into this fight with this guy was was trippin/drunk... and it ended up him pushing me down and I fell right when I fell there was a crowd surge and about 20 guys fell ontop of me and i couldnt get up, i was having trouble breathing, i started screaming and I heard a guy scream theres a girl under yall get the fuck up, and he pulled me up, i was having trouble breathing and my side hurt and i couldnt walk that well then he pushed me over the fence to the medical people, and i got medical attention, just some brusies and went into shock. A few hours later i was back in the crowd moshing and having fun. The next day Good Charolette came on and said that they were filming one of their videos there and I wanted to be in so my friend and I decided to go crowdsurfing, big mistake the crowd was so wild when that song came on, i was thrown up and then bang i was flat on my back, I blacked out and was pulled up by a guy and then he just held me till the show was over I started to walk around to look for my friend and this sharp pain came down my back and to my leg... i could hardly walk, i didnt go to the doctor cause it would be just a long wait, so the next day I went to my physican and got X-rays... I had a bad concusion and fractured my lower back, which i am still working on healing but i still had the best time in my lfe!!!! I would only change not taking so many risks at my frist rock concert

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