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Promoter: WBCN
Security: ??
Where: US
When: SUMMER 01
Stage: OD

Great show....it was kinda hot and ended raining at about 10pm. We had GA tickets, and the security were checking tickets early, and the floor was pretty calm. We stood back out of the mosh pit(s), and enjoyed the show. We went up to about 10 ft from the stage for Black Crowes,Live and Aero. It was pretty rough, and we (3) were constantly scanning the crowd for flying feet and hands. We are between 6'2-6'4, we got the odd foot in the head. If anybody came our way we just pushed then away. It made it tough to enjoy the show, but it was a real rush. By the time Aero had finished it was a mad house, and I started to claw my way out, as I did not feel so safe. If you get in the pit or crowd surf, you take your safety in the hands of complete strangers, who may or may not respect you....enter at your own risk, and don't complain if you get roughed up.

Jay Bird

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