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New Found Glory
{ World's Cafe }

Promoter: Goldenvoice and 97.5 KPOI
Security: good
Where: Hawaii
When: 11/24/01
Stage: ID

well, the concert started late, it was supposed to start at 6:30 but ended up starting past 7. Uhh..H20 was supposed to open, but we had these 2 crappy local bands instead. I went with my friend and at first we were in the mosh pit but it wasnt that bad. Then the second opening band came on and it got wilder. Fuckers were pushing and shoving and throwing around a fuckin heavy dildo. And me and my friend were split in seconds. [crowd surfing wasnt allowed or the security took you out] when me and my friend found eachother again, we left the mosh pit and went to stand by several of our other friends we saw along the side near the bar. i stood along side with some of my guy friends when nfg came on but my friend went back into the mosh pit with another girl. at that moment, the crowd went crazy as fuck. by the time the show ended, i had an fuckin awesome time! but my friend was all sore and lost her voice. she smelt like sweaty old men too. lol

anonymus :-P

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