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Buddy Guy
{ Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago }

Security: ???
Where: Chicago, IL
When: 10/01/02
Stage: ID

In principle a great evening with one of the few Legends left in Blues - Buddy Guy, in his own small club in Chicago. Really a fantastic time.... and no real security issue... but the staff at the venue is absolutely aggressive and took not only to myself but several people with me our beers away (almost full). Following the show and Buddy playing at various places in his club, we only saw the guy leaving with all our beers in a plastic bucket ith plenty of other glasses. Confronting him with the issue he told us, well I "asked" a couple of times but nobody replied.... - obviously nobody could hear him with the music "in the background". This is a rude and not necessary practice for a great show. Why does Buddy Guy allows such practices in his place... Anyway, still a great evening and highly recomendable..

Hendrik Noth

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