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{ Riverfront Coliseum }

Thursday, November 21, 2002 5:50:16 AM
Promoter: Electric Factory Concerts
Security: Cincinnati Private Police Association; city police
Where: Cincinnati, Ohio
When: 12/03/79
Stage: indoors

I came to the coliseum with my roommates from the University of Dayton .We were very early and very close to the front.By the time I was inside I was alone.I don't remember being particularly frightened,but I was fascinated by the fact that I could lift my feet off the ground and not fall.I was blessed with the ignorance of youth and the feeling of invulnerability; I truly didn't believe there was a problem.At one point during the crush,a number of people began singing "Silent Night". That didn't mean much to me at the time but is the one detail I will never forget.Another post mentioned the music starting and stopping inside and the reaction of the crowd to that. I had forgotten that,but it was true.I was actually pinned by the door when it was opened and the security guard grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me inside leaving my jacket to weave it's way through the crowd.My ticket was in the jacket so I jumped the turnstiles and went to the floor.My thought at the time was that the crush was worse on the concert floor than outside.I know now I was mistaken.I didn't know what had happened until we had all made it back to the car and were on our way home.Shocked!...The crowd was not rowdy; just young and excited.


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