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Vans Warped Tour 99
{ Lakewood Ampitheater Parking Lot }

Thursday, January 09, 2003 2:03:58 PM
Promoter: Universal Concerts
Security: Atlanta Police/Unknown Private security service
Where: Atlanta, GA USA
When: 7/29/99
Stage: outdoors

This show was a disaster waiting to happen. First of all, its in the middle of the summer and it was 100 degrees that day. not to mention that the concert was outside, during the day in an asphalt parking lot that absorbed the sunlight and made it even hotter. Kids were very very thirsty and bottled water was $7. Not many of us could afford too many of those bottles so we went to the restroom area to the water fountains only to find that they were TURNED OFF!!! Many people then retreated into the restroom to drink water from the sink only to find that all of the cold water had been turned off and only hot water was available. This was obviously a scheme by the owner of the venue (Coca-Cola) to force fans to buy their products. Pretty dangerous if you ask me. I saw several people faint or nearly faint from dehydration. On another note, parking was indicated as included in the ticket price. When we arrived at the venue, we were directed into a grass parking lot by a man with an orange vest. Not being from Atlanta, we thought that this field was normal venue parking. When we returned to our cars (dehydrated and tired, mind you) the same man who directed us in was standing near our car with a police officer and a tow truck waiting near by. The police officer told us that we (and about 100 other cars) had parked on this mans property without permission and must pay him $10 or our car would be towed. I told the officer that the same man had directed us into the lot, not asked us for money, and that I assumed he was a venue employee directing us into venue parking. The officer then proceeded to tell us that he knew that the guy was running a scam and there was nothing he could do about it. What a crock. I will never attend another warped tour concert again, nor will I ever vist the city of Atlanta again.

Dave Richardson

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