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Great White
{ The Station }

Friday, February 21, 2003 10:10:45 PM
Where: West Warwick, RI
When: February 20, 2003
Stage: indoors

As someone who grew up in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, and who is old enough to acutely remember the 11 people who died and the countless people who were injured at a Who concert, the Station tragedy in Rhode Island, and indeed every concert death makes me realize that strong federal concert safety legislation is necessary It's very simple: The concert industry will not govern itself properly. Cutting corners and turning a blind eye to a problem or a potential problem for a few more dollars is completely inexcusable, and the parties involved must be made to be accountable for their actions. Only when the artists, their management, venue management, and security officials are forced to be held culpable will there be real reform. Pointing fingers and passing the buck is unacceptable in any situation. I took a lot -- and I mean a LOT of heat from fans a few years ago for criticizing U2's decision to hold festival seating shows on their Elevation Tour, and saying that legislation was needed. Now, at last count, 96 people are dead, and who knows how many more are injured in Rhode Island. Those deaths, like the 11 deaths in Cincinnati could have been prevented. Critics: Now can you honestly say that concert safety legislation isn't necessary? I wholeheartedly applaud and support the work of Mr. Paul Wertheimer and the CMS staff. It isn't popular work they do, but it is necessary.

George Combs II

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