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Great White
{ The Station }

Tuesday, March 18, 2003 7:32:44 AM
Where: W. Warwick

I feel that what happened in Rhode Island was tragic, as well as preventable. When are these greedy venue operators and promoters going to realize that they cannot continue to operate in the currrent manner? And we need to "police" the "police." What good are having fire investigations if obvious (obvious meaning that even I could tell by looking at it that the "soundproofing" was unsafe) violations are overlooked by "underpaid and overworked" fire investigators? Or that the crowd capacity laws are continuously being violated?? Part of the problem is not the laws. It is the LACK of enforcement of them. If a venue is ONE PERSON over capacity, shut it down for the night. The fire department should send somebody over with a clicker every time there is an event like the one at the Station. When capacity is reached, the doors are shut. Period. Many times I've been to shows that were so crowded that you couldn't move. I was forced to either leave or move so far to the back that I could no longer see the performance.. Festival seating and mosh pits should be forever and ever banned. Yes, it is more profitable to have festival seating. What is more important....human life or money?? And mosh pits are just ridiculous. I never did understand the point of them, nor the fascination with "moshing". I didn't like the punk "slam dancing" either (now I'm showing my age). To me, it's just controlled (and uncontrolled) violence. One thing that really sticks in my craw are the regulations regarding sprinklering. What I never understood is why a building that has 300+ capacity is required to have sprinklers while one with 290 doesn't have to have them? Human life is human life. Period, end of story. An outhouse should be required to have sprinklers if it is to be used by the public. I feel that what we need to do is make sure that everyone does his/her job. I can't help but think that if that was the case here, along with having sprinklers, 99 people will still be alive. Thank you for listening. Susan Winning Ex-bartender, ex-roadie March 14, 2003

S. W.

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