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Simple Plan w/ Gob, Madcap and Diffuser
{ Waterstreet Music Hall }

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 9:52:55 AM
Promoter: 98 PXY
Security: ????
Where: Rochester, NY
When: 3/2003
Stage: indoors

When I first found out about this concert on pollstar.com (concert was on one of the last Fridays of March, I was excited. I only started listening to Simple Plan a couple of months ago before the concert! I score tickets to the show and wait in anticipation for the day to come! Come the day of the concert, I sit in school waiting to get out and head on up. After my father and I found a parking spot (my dad goes along with me to these shows, I hang out w/him in between acts, it's pretty fun) When we got to Waterstreet, there was a huge ass line that was probably about a mile long! To add to the problem I had to take the one of the biggest pisses of my life so it felt like a long time before me and my ol' man got into the building! When we finally got in, I ran to the bathroom and when I was finished I chilled out w/dad for a lil bit then I decided to head up towards the front (or try to due to the fact it was a sold out show) I went over to the part of the hall where they were selling t-shirts and cds. I get a Simple Plan t-shirt and a GOB cd, sampler and a Diffuser sampler. While fighting my way through the crowd to find a good spot, I happen to catch Jake, a friend of mine from school w/a young lady friend. I talk to them and after a lil bit the first band went on. I couldn't tell which act was which until I heard "Bright Lights, Big City" sung by Madcap. My dad sometime during the concert went to get something to eat, so in between acts I would try to find him. After the second to last act (I think it was Madcap) Everybody was waiting in anticipation for Simple Plan to come on stage. When they came on stage everybody was jumping up and down and that was when the mosh pit was at it's finest! A mosh pit went on for just about the whole time Simple Plan was on stage. I took part in it for a lil bit, taking breaks, making sure I don't over do it! For Simple Plan's encore they played their hit song "I'd Do Anything" the song that got me into them! Afterwards, a couple of the memebers of Simple Plan were giving out autographs. I went and brought a poster! After fighting again through the crowd, i managed to get 3 out of the 5 memebers autographs, I even shook Pierre's hand (he's the lead vocalist of Simple Plan) All and all, excellant night, I'd love to see all these acts again. I talked to people at the show and hung out w/them, afterwards we all shake hands and say it's been fun (which it has) Forgive me if I made this a little too long because with a good concert like this one, there's a lot to talk about!


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