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{ CNE Grandstand }

Friday, August 08, 2003 8:33:46 PM
Promoter: CPI
Security: CPI
Where: Toronto, Ontario
When: Summer / 1986
Stage: outdoors

Attended this Supertramp concert at the CNE Grandstand at Exhibition Place in Toronto, which was a rare "General Admission" concert. The floor area was crammed with people wanting to get closer to the stage. Everything was fine until 2 drunken yo-yos started fist fighting in the middle of the crowd. I mean, full swinging fist fighting. Everybody in the crowd started to either move backwards or forwards to get away from the two combatants. Well, let me tell you, when 100 people decide to move back on you quickly, stepping on your toes while doing so, down you go. And you DO NOT have any choice. Thank God only a few people stepped on myself and several other people that went down also. Everything returned to what seemed normal, in about 3-4 minutes. Five minutes later, these two idiots went at it again, only this time people came backwards even more rapidly than the first time. I managed to at least stay upright during the second scrap, but, man ...... scarey shit, believe me. The really bad part was that I had taken a girl from work as my date that night. She had mentioned that she had never been to a concert before, so, I thought Supertramp would be a great first concert for her. I remember leaving the show and my date saying "wow, are all concerts like that?" Again, you REALLY ARE at the mercy of the crowd at a general admission event.Please keep that in mind next time you are thinking of attending a venue of this kind.

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