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Glastonbury UK 2003
{ Somerset }

Sunday, August 10, 2003 11:53:46 AM
Promoter: Michael Eavis
Security: Stuart
Where: UK
When: June 2003
Stage: outdoors

I attended this festival this year and on the whole it was wonderful. However, rightly or wrongly I was desperate to see my favourite band REM on the Friday night. With this in mind I got to thw front and waited in the crowd for over 8hrs. I couldn't drink because I couldn't risk losing my place by needing to go to the loo. It was blistering hot, but as a fully functioning adult I took the decision to take this risk. What happened was that the crowd just surged forward more and more, there was absolutely no control over this.By the time we got to the REM set the crowd just kept on crushing forward to the extent that I was frightened for my own safety, several people fainted and had to be hauled out of the crowd. Every time I thought it couldn't get any worse it did - I literally couldn't move a muscle. I managed about 20 minutes of the set when I found that I couldn't breathe - I was lucky in that security pulled me out of the crowd. I lost my carefully coveted (and well earned place), however, I was very, very lucky that I wasn't injured or worse. I am really angry about this situation here in the UK - Glastonbury is the most secure and best organised, however, no attention is given to the crush at the front and no attempt is made to control it. Do we really have to wait for a major incident before this issue is looked at and methods put into place to minimise the risk? I am so concerned about the safety issues at these events in the UK that I am starting to work on my own website which will be found at www.safeconcerts.com (not yet live at 08/08/2003 - but hoping to have something on line within a couple of weeks). I have also felt very unsafe at the Milton Keynes Eminem concert and the Robbie Williams Knebworth venue. These issues must be addressed preferably before there is a disaster in the UK.

Deborah Rees

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