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Robbie Williams
{ Knebworth }

Sunday, August 10, 2003 12:04:43 PM
Promoter: Metropolis Music
Security: Don't know
Where: UK
When: 03/08/2003
Stage: outdoors

The event of the year - promoted at every opportunity. I was due to go on the Sunday - by Saturday I was concerned, news reports told of unprecedented crowds and traffic chaos. Many fans missed the Friday show - they couldn't get through the traffic. Many left on the Saturday night BEFORE Robbie played because they were so concerned for their own safety. I took every opportunity to research this event and found out where to park etc. I got there on the Sunday in the early afternoon (about 3pm) only to find that the venue was so over subscribed you could not get into the arena without a huge struggle. Whilst the promoters, health and safety and press and security were supposed to be on site they did not make themselves available so I could find no -one to complain to. Whilst Robbie did an amazing set it was hard to appreciate and enjoy because the overcrowding was so severe. It was impossible to see the stage and I could only get a poor view of the screen. I have no doubt that this was a dangerous situation - yet another accident waiting to happen. It seems to me that this is due mainly to the overwhelming greed of the concert promoters along with the complicity of the local council and thw compliance of the police. Do we have to wait for a disaster along the lines of the Hillsborough one before anyone will do anything? This is so unacceptable to me that I intend to launch my own UK website to campaign for safety at these events. I will be found on line in a couple of weeks at www.safeconcerts.com

Deborah Rees

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