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{ Milton Keynes }

Sunday, August 10, 2003 12:15:50 PM
Promoter: Metropolis Music
Where: UK
When: June 2003
Stage: outdoors

Another well looked forward to event - done in conjunction with Radio 1. I got there early and got a quite good place in the crowd. Radio 1 'forgot' to sort out the sound system or to put on any music or entertainment between acts. Result? a predominently hot, young and bored crowd, much drink and drugs comsummed and therefore frayed tempers. The bottle fights began and people began to get injured (plastic bottles hurt when hurled - more so when full). After an hour or so of this behaviour my partner and I felt so unsafe we had to leave the crowd (and our carefully nurtured place) No response from the organisers or promoters - I tried to complain but no one would accept responsibility. Getting out of the venue was a nightmare, no traffic control which led to a bad tempered free for all with many fans trapped at the venue most of the night. I have since tried to complain to the promoters and to Radio 1 but have got no response from them. At a previous concert in Miltom Keynes there was a huge crowd and a great crush to leave at the end - my partner and I hung back in order to avoid what we thought was an unacceptable dangerous crush - we were forced out of the arena by security who had no concern whatsoever for our safety. The fact that there has not been a major incident to date, in my view, is purely down to luck and not judgement. Crowds cannot be relied on to act sensibly (is it the crowds job to understand and take responsibility for safety issues??) - the fact is that had there been an incident the crowd crush was so great that there would have been severe injuries and probably deaths. Predictable and preventable - but who listens? Is it acceptable? I don't think so.

Deborah Rees

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