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Lazerfest2003 (Godsmack headlining)
{ Marcus Ampitheater }

Monday, August 11, 2003 1:42:11 AM
Where: Milwaukee
When: 05/31/03
Stage: outdoors

for my graduation, my parents got me front row tickets to go see Godsmack, and it was the best time of my entire life!!! When we got there, i got Breaking Benjamin and Cold's autograph and then we got in line for Godsmack's autograph! Despite the delayed wait, it was worth meeting them! I got all my cd covers signed, my shirt signed, and a hug from Shannon! My friend that i met there had really far seats away so when he got up to the autogrpah booth, he asked Tony to get him better seats, so Tony signed his ticket stub and put "pit" on it! It worked!!! and he got front row with me! Even the bands before Godsmack kicked butt! After Ra was done playing, the drummer came right out to me and handed me his drumstick! It was soo cool!!! Then during Godsmack, the cameras zoomed right into my face! The concert was the best and at the end of the day i went home with Breaking Benjamin's autograph, Cold's autograph, Godsmack's autograph, Ra's drumstick, Cold's playlist, Godsmack's playlist, a Godsmack guitar pic, 3 hi-fives (from Sully, Tony, and lead singer of Trapt) and a hug from Shannon!! i d say i made out pretty well! It was the best day of my life and i will NEVER forget it!


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