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Robbie Williams
{ Knebworth }

Tuesday, September 02, 2003 9:15:59 AM
Security: Show and Event
Where: UK
When: 1,2,3/8/2003
Stage: outdoors

i was there as a researcher for my uni. Monitoring the crowd flow coming through the gates and asking questioinairres on how saf the public felt about the concert environment they were in. I knew a few of the people that were working on security as i have been doing the job my self for over 3 years. I was appalled at the management of the show, i did not feel safe at all, bt the end of the three dates i got used to the level of insecurity i felt, but i dont believe its acceptable. I was constanly aware of problem after problem. I believe the capacity of the venue should never have been 125.000. When issues like sight lines were taken into account there were at least 1000 people leaving due to not feeling safe, i estimate over 3000 had very poor views of the stage, leading to people climbing up trees and such like, for it to be comfortable and for everyone to have a good view then i believe 100.000 should have been the capacity. What is scary is that on the first night of the show, at 7pm it was only when we did the calculations based on the figures we had taken from teh gates that the police realsied they had a traffic problem and that 20.000 people were still on the motorway. Another issue which i found scary was the amount of heavily pregnant women as the show, it was incredibley disproportionate to any other show i have ever worked and i saw a few get carted off by Medical services looking very ill indeed. They had a double barrier system in operation allowing 10.000 in the first area nd the other 115.00 in the main section. There were food stalls that where very inappropriatly placed, they would have been better along the edges but some where in the crowd area the queuing systems were appaling. The area after the second barrier had no access to medical aid, no toilets, no security and no water passed the areas that could be reached by security staff. on the 2nd and 3 days the weather was very warm and problems with water access were awful. the people once they were there couldnt move. On the third day i went into the crowd between acts. It took me 20 mins to get in and over and hour to get out, and i hadnt go that far in. I spoke to some very angry people, they were concerned for thier own safety. as i had access to the security break areas i had coversations with staff i knew and they where saying it was taking over two hours to get from one side of the site to the other. Any incidents they were called to where resolved or in a bad way by the time they go there. I didnt witness any what i would discribe as major trauma but the potential for disaster was very high indeed and i know i dont not want to be put in a situation like that again.

Sera - Marie

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