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{ Orange Stage }

Promoter: Roskilde Festival organizers
Security: Roskilde Festival
Where: Roskilde Festival
When: June 26-29, 2003
Stage: OD

It’s been 2 weeks now since Roskilde ’03 finished, and from what I can tell, it’s been a fairly succesfull festival this year, due to both great bands but also a lot of new things (such as activity areas in the Camping Area prior to the festival starting). Anyway, the new system in front of Orange stage, both the use of the Mojo barriers but also the communication channels, showed it’s worth this year. Twice during Metallica’s concert, band members (first Lars Ulrich and then James Hetfield a little later on) asked people to step back, since they had been told from the Crowd Safety Managers that the situation in the area between the last barrier and the sound tower, was becoming a bit wild and some people weren’t looking too fresh. Also, the 2 video screen son either side of the stage were frequently displaying messages telling people to relax and take care of each other. That meant that in the end, the worst damages were a few sprained limbs here and there, as well as a guy with a broken rib (that had been caused by people jumping around him, thus pushing him into the barrier). He was able to see the rest of the concert, before he went to see the paramedics. With that having been said, they still need to find a good system for people queuing up in front of the entrances to the mosh pits. An example was, that during the opening concert on Orange Stage with ”Baby Woodrose”, a lot of people were wating around the entrance, so they would be first in line for Metallica. That meant that as soon as the mosh pit had been cleaned, it was opened. And without the option of leaving, people had to stand around the Mosh pit for around 3-3˝ hours (it’s not permitted to sit down, since the Crowd Safety Managers then is unable to see how many are in). I have a feeling that it could have caused a problem with people being fatigued once the concert started.

Kaspar D. Larsen

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