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Green Day
{ Municipal Auditorium }

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 11:34:54 AM
Promoter: American Idiot Tour
Security: CIA Ground Crew
Where: Lyndon, Kansas, USA
When: 5/14/05
Stage: indoors

Billie Joe called people up on the stage from the crowd to play the drums, bass guitar, sax, and lead guitar. He pulled me up on stage to play the lead guitar. When i first got up on the stage he gave me a huge hug and grabbed my ass while smiling at the crowd. He then showed me what to play and handed me his guitar. I walked out on the walk out stage and started playing. To end the song, they had me climb on the drum platform and jump off for the ending. Billie Joe then called me back up on the stage as i was walking off and asked me my name, and where i was from. He gave me his guitar and i walked off the stage a happy man. Green Day has been my favorite band since 6th grade when i first started playing the guitar because their songs were the funnest to play. My high school graduation was the next day after the concert. I had the best graduation ever!!

Dominik Osburn

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