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Damage Plan
{ Al Rosa Villa }

Saturday, July 23, 2005 5:00:53 PM
Promoter: Al Rosa
Security: ? lol
Where: Columbus, Ohio
When: 12-8-04
Stage: indoors

UNTITLED HORROR ==================== It was 10:16 Music started to play Pat never got a chance to sing before evil entered the door Charged onstage in a fist of rage with a gun Darrell was hung Without knowledge or a trace Darrell's soul was sent to a safer place Jeff lunged and tried to help but due to his devotion and care, his soul also wasnt spared I scream in disbelief I jumped a rail and sprung to my feet Up onstage in the middle of all his rage I grabbed Darrell to get him away and also would have been a torn soul through all this rage but I had a savior named Nathan Brey(?) who said to me "watch the shooter!" at a quick glance I realized effort was a chance Gale burnt me with an evil glance, Dive to the right was my only chance Three times to move Dime, got him offstage Gale took Brey's soul to a safer place Brey's in heaven for his care I tugged and pulled to get Jeff from the stage Gale still shooting in all his rage Eric tried, then he died All I could do was scream to stop, Where all these bodies dropped I yanked on Jeff and his clothes tore Then my ass hit the floor I sprung up with no delay A cop shot Gale Right in the face A pussy's way out, what a disgrace I ran to Gale, thought about Dime I ran off the stage, wasting no time I fell to my knees, right next to Dime I knew then there was no time I screamed at him to hang on Patted him on the face, rubbed his tat of ace Told him we love you A paramedic showed up without delay She said I have a pulse I ran to his legs and raised them to my chest As I only prayed for the best A paramedic said "He is Gone." Darrell Abbott is at rest but his music and soul will live on. Six months later returned to see a shock Dime's name is only paint on a rock All this time I wonder why I wasnt one of those who died Hot lead through the shoe is all I got Thank you God for the life I still got.


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