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Queen-AC/DC ticket sale
{ Rainbow tickets SMU }

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 2:13:46 AM
Security: Dallas PD
Where: Dallas-USA
When: Fall of 1981
Stage: outdoors

I may be dating myself with this story but back in the day before ticketmaster ruled the earth i had made the hour and a half trek to Dallas from my home town to the main "Rainbow" ticket outlet at SMU for tickets for two shows; AC/DC and Queen. I got there at about 3pm for tickets that were slated to go on sale at 9 the next morning. It was odd back then for tickets for two concerts go on sale at the same time on the same day, but sense i wanted to see both bands it was good for me that i didn't have to make two trips in to the city. What i didn't know was Dallas; SMU in particular, had a no loitering law. Most show's i camped out for i could go to Ft.Worth which was only about 45 min away and they never bothered us when we lined up and camped out over night. But i had always heard the front row tickets were always kept at the main ticket outlet. After talking to the staff inside to confirm ticket sales they told me i could line up after business hours so i waited in my car for 5pm to roll around. Once they closed, myself and a group of Queen fans got our gear and settled in for the wait. As the day turned to night more and more fans of both bands started gathering in line, we were all civil and started developing the camaraderie that goes along with the wait. At about 11 pm there were probably no more than 50 people lined up when the Dallas PD showed up and busted up the line telling us about the no loitering law. As the night progressed others started arriving unaware of the law only to have the police return and disassemble the line again. Finally about 4 am we tried to line up once again because close to 200 people were gathering in and around the parking lot ,and not wanting to loose our up front spot in line if the Police decided to not return. But they did return and this time they decided to implement a plan because of the number of people that were already there. Their plan was for us to wait one block down from the ticket office while they guarded the ticket venues lot. We were told at 6am they would blow a whistle and we were to run to get our spot in line. This would not have been so bad if it were only fans waiting but the scalpers usually paid the homeless to get tickets for them as "Rainbow" had a 4 floor 6 balcony policy and the better seats they scored for the scalper the more they were paid. As 6am came they did exactly what they said. A whistle was blown and a stampede to the front of the line ensued. I was a pretty fast runner back in high school so i made out pretty well and was 5th in line, but a few people that had been there most of the night got fucked out of the best seats. I ended up scoring 3 row center AC/DC and 1 row center Queen. If i would have tripped in the stampede i very well could have ended up in the hospital or the morgue. Thank God no one got hurt. The sad thing is this all happened in the Fall of 1981 less than three years after the Cincinnati Who tragedy. I guess the Dallas PD forgot about that event... http://www.crowdsafe.com/taskrpt/ dave


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