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The Godz
{ Legendvalley }

Monday, November 07, 2005 5:27:50 PM
Promoter: Steve Trickle(owner)
Where: Thornville, Ohio
When: July 2004
Stage: outdoors

I went to a drive threw and saw a sign The Godz at Legendvalley! I was blown away to know this venue was re-opened. It was one of the largest concert venues in Ohio. ( smoking ,coolers all o.k.) I had to go back there and I did. I met the new owners and was really happy with the set up! I decided to help him out and try to contact some of the bands that have played there and see if the would come back for 1 show? Well they were'nt as thankful as I would have thought. Jimmy Buffett siad it was his favorite place to play, back in the day. Well I am still working for Steve Trickle, www.legendvalley.net. I had the great pleasure of talking to John Scher and other poeple , I am back to work. Now were working on the 2006 and trying to get some more poeple intrested in what we have to offer. It was to my suprise that all the bands want paid in advance? What ever happen to the old ways is prolby what did this place in. We hope to get it back on the map and will not stop! Sallie LGV


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