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Live 8 and Live Aid
{ J.F.K. Stadium & Ben Frankin Parkway }

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 10:51:09 AM
Promoter: sir bob geldof
Where: Philadelphia Pa USA
When: July 2 '05 & July 13 '85
Stage: outdoors

parked in powelton village, west of the schuykill river.(all the papers's maps only showed downtown philly and the no-parkihg box)only had to walk like an eighth of a mile to wait at the police barricade for 6am to come. At six ran about a mile carring a styro cooler, chair, backpack, ground coverings,an ashtray and two 7 foot sections of pool skimmer handles to form a flag pole for the stars and stripes and Gasden (yellow field w/ coiled rattlesnake emblazoned w/"Don't Tread On Me") flags. achieved placement about 1/2 mile from stage even with the horse statue, very adjacent to the southern fountain (dry) set up camp. people repeatedly used the flags as landmarks on cell phone calls as those without infrastructure and lackng manifest destiny weaseled their way up front.on the field at live aid it was pure blankets. here there were rows of collapsing lawn chairs that greatly impaired mobility and movement. i did not leave camp for about 6 hrs and did not urinate for about 8.racial tension was evident. i am really glad 50 cent left the bill. after cutting my finger on my leatherman tool while repairing my lawn chair with duct tape and wire ties,i made my to 1st aid. They were not even set up yet. had to wait for 20 min for band aid. a group of hippies with mattress sized poster boards decided to parade their message in front of me. when the song was over i blew my air horn and told them "Move out." some pregnant chix was trapsing around with a hand made "marginalize apathy" sign so i grabbed the top of a brand new adadis sneaker box and made one saying "Will Perform Cunnilingus For Vodka" and got a picture with her.Having been to garth brooks in central park I beleive philly police were completely blind on dealing with a crowd of this magnatude. there was no control barriers of any sort anywhere. they were so over weight they had to get a ladder to climb the fountain in order to eject the concert goersassembled there. but the day was great, I Kicked Ass.


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