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{ The Vic }

Sat Jan 24 22:50:53 CST 1998
Promoter: Jam Productions
Security: Safety Services Syst
Where: Chicago, IL
When: 2/16/1997
Stage: indoors

I fainted at the end of the concert. I was leaning along the wall near the left side of the stage. It was hot and crowded. Some concert fans helped me to a sitting position. I wanted water, but security guard on the scene refused to do anything. The medic arrived and asked what happened. He said he worked for the promoter and venue. He wanted to know if I had eaten, was pregnant, in the mosh pit, or had done drugs. None were true. I was disoriented and wanted to go home. Luckily, my friend asked that a report be filed in case there were complications later. He was reluctant but agreed to file the report. He didn't complete the form before asking me to sign. He checked off that I refused further first aid attention. When asked by my friend what I was refusing, he admitted "None". He omitted the section on what occured and treatment given. I was worried that he'd describe the situation differently to protect the venue. He wouldn't give me a copy of the form in case I wanted to seek attention later. I feel he was trying to get me out of there. Luckily, I was fine. It made me wonder how many fans are tricked this way by what he called "standard procedure"?


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