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Bamboozle 2006
{ Giants Statium Parking lot. }

Monday, July 03, 2006 1:07:28 PM
Promoter: idk.
Security: huge guys but didnt do jack shit.
When: 05/14/06
Stage: outdoors

i went with my little bro and my good friend john. the festival was alright, most of the crowds were okay. we went to go see say anything, which i wasnt expecting to be bad at all because we went to some hardcore bands and the crowds werent bad at all. when they walked out on stage the crowd went wild.i was crusshed into lots of people. john kept getting crowd surfers away from me. after a while he went to get some water. before anything my brother was mentioning crowd surfing which me and john were like um no. haha. so my brother runs away from me and hes a big guy so wen he went crowd surfing they dropped him and he fell face first into a pit. he split open his lip and broke his nose. it was gross. the security did NOTHIGN to help us. i found john and i let the ambulance take my bro away and i drove myself to the hosipital.


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