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Iron Maiden, Eddfest
{ Palace Grounds }

Saturday, March 31, 2007 2:39:25 PM
Security: DNA Networks
Where: Bangalore
When: 03/17/07
Stage: outdoors

There were a number of things that happened.. First up fans gathered at the venue by 7 in the morning and got restless by 1 (Ofcourse) and mobbed near the concert entry, where there was no proper security. I was just recovering from an ankle injury and was being pushed around. But no security took charge to maintain the crowd and put us in line. We were let in at 3 pm, the ticket clearly said the gates would open at 3 pm, but the show started only by 6. In the midsummer, people started to get quite dehydrated. But access to the water stalls was easy. By 6, when the show started there was no way one was able to get out of the unruly crowd to get to the water stalls.. By 8 we were very dehydrated and among the lucky who didn't pass out, I saw about 4-5 people being carried out of the crowd, unconscious. By 9 when Iron Maiden took on the stage, the ONE water stall in the corner was empty. And that's not where it ends, the little security that was there were manhandling women! Luckily, no-one died, but the organising was real bad. People up front, I heard were quite violent and not controlled.

Aditi Surendra

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