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{ Roy Wilkins Auditorium }

Thursday, July 26, 2007 10:14:26 PM
Where: St. Paul
When: 07/24/07
Stage: indoors

Incubus is my 15 year old daughter's favorite band and I like them too. I took the day off work to wait in line with her and we were right up front. Though I've been to concerts ranging from my first concert (the Who) to U2, Guns and Roses, Green Day, etc., I have never feared for my life before until being on the floor at this concert. We waited 5 hours. The crowd was out of control and surging and we could not breathe - I truly thought I was going to suffocate or get knocked down. Some girls were crying. I was in the "third row" so very close to the fence but could not get the attention of the security guard because it was so loud and everyone was screaming. Several girls around us were crying and scared and I was really worried for them - my daughter and I are at least tall but the smaller girls don't have a chance. Fortunately I was able to grab my daughter and forcefully make our way to the back of the auditorium. Good thing because they started body surfing after that. My older daughter who goes to many rock and rap shows tells me that this is just the way it is but either I'm too old or this is crazy. I have had floor tickets before including U2 and never felt like my life was in danger until this concert. I admit the band is phenomenal live and their fans love them so much but I worry for fan safety. I will not allow my daughter to attend a show with GA seating after this.

sharon berglund

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