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{ Redbird Arena }

Tue Oct 19 17:08:56 CDT 1999
Where: Normal, IL USA
When: 10/4/1999
Stage: indoors

As usual, Phish put on a great show. However, the parking situation was certainly less than great. When we pulled up at the venue about 45 minutes before show time, we tried to entire the parking lot. We were told by a security officer that the parking lot was full. I inquired how the lot could possibly be full... how could they have a concert, but not enough room for fans' cars? The woman told me that they were expecting 9,000 people, & that, "they weren't ready for it." A friend of mine in the car asserted that certainly they must have 9,000 fans at football/basketball games. Anyway, there was not space, so I asked where to park. I was directed to, "look around the side streets." This was, in my opinion, an egregious display of mismanagement by the venue security. I can't believe they would have a concert without considering where to put the fans' cars! Because of the terrible parking, many fans were late to the show.

Saul W.

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