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The Dead
{ shoreline ampetheatre }

Saturday, May 16, 2009 8:51:23 AM
Promoter: ?
Security: ?
Where: Mountain View, CA
When: 05/14/09
Stage: outdoors

After the show we sat in our seats ($100+) for about 30 minutes, letting the scene clear and yapping about the awesome performance we just witnessed. The problem arose when we decided to leave. We walked out of the seating area to few the most massive line I've ever seen to LEAVE a venue. I'm talking 20-25 people WIDE and longer than could be seen. Immediately to my right was the VIP gate that I was allowed to enter the venue through (even though I didn't have a VIP pass - I thought that was pretty cool on their part) locked! When I walked up to the gate to ask the security on the other side what was up with the huge line to leave, they said "management", I'll use the term loosely, instructed them to exit everyone out the main gate. I simply interjected the obvious - that plan isn't working. Why would their still be a massive line like that 30 minutes after the show? I was livid, as were many others. It felt like a prison without the rape thing. I've tried to locate a site where I could provide some feedback to the person/people responsible for this poor decision, but could only locate ticket vendors. Do you have any contact info. on this venue - I'd sure appreciate it.


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