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Warped Tour
{ Vinnoy Park }

Thursday, October 08, 2009 3:19:50 PM
Where: St. Petersburg/FL
When: 07/26/09
Stage: outdoors

I attended my very first rock concert this summer at Warped Tour. The major incentive for my attendance was to finally see my favorite band, Underoath, whose music emerged from my hometown. I absolutely loved the experience; the energy, adrenaline,music (of course), the band in person, etc. I was even able to overlook the scorching heat and humidity. My friends and I managed to get very good positions before Underoath came on stage, probably within 10 feet of the band. I gathered the courage and decided I wanted to try crowd surfing...for the first time. I saw others doing it too, females like me, and figured it would be just fine. Overall, it was, Im still alive and well. Although, it really opened my eyes to the serious risk I placed myself under when I was nearly dropped on my face due to an inattentive audience memeber failed to catch me as I drifted overhead. Luckily, another man grabbed me as I was falling and saved me from a rough landing. I had some scrapes and bruises, but he really saved my life. I could have landed on my neck, it could have been bad. I thanked him incessantly, but he ignored me as if his contribution was no big deal. To me, it meant everything in that moment. I learned the importance of helping others, and the impact it could have on someone in need. I then made an effort to help others crowd surfing around me so they could make it to the security line in safety. I did not think that anybody could die at a public concert in the outdoors, but I was shocked to hear my sister tell me I was lucky, and that people died all of the time at rock concerts. I will continue to go to concerts because I really enjoyed myself, however, I will be more cautious next time.


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