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Sick and Twisted
{ Tampa }

Saturday, January 29, 2011 11:03:22 AM
Where: Tampa, fl
When: 2000?
Stage: indoors

Show started off great...good vibes...good friends...great music. But before it was even half over... I thought I was going to be killed! The floor was so crowded, people were nut to butt and smashing and pounding everyone within reach. A girl was crowd surfing and no one would let her down...she was screaming and crying. I watched grown men with crazy eyes punch her as she passed over. I was being stepped on and smashed to the floor. Id work my way to my feet only to be crushed to the point I couldnt breathe. A few guys noticed my stress and tried to lift me up while others struggled to pull me down. Security managed to grab my hands and two of them were pulling me up as the crowd pulled me down by my feet, legs and my pants. It was like trying to escape hell while all the demons pull and claw at me. I was covered in bruises and I think I may have either cracked or broken ribs. I will never forget that night. ever.


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