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Metallica/Korn/Summer Sanitarium
{ Summer Sanitarium tour }

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 6:02:22 AM
Promoter: ?
Security: ?
Where: Foxboro, MA. USA
When: 06/30/2000
Stage: outdoors

This was the second time I went to see Metallica at Foxboro(Patriots old stadium).A couple friends and I drove up from CT early to cook out and tailgate prior to the show .We had floor/GA. tickets and wanted to be close to the front for Korn. During Kid Rock we filed through to the front center. In the front center it was packed nut to butt. People were crowd surfing and going over the metal fence in front. There was a girl who was about 15 or 16 and she weighed about 175 lbs. that was very worn out,hot,and weak.There was absolutely no room to maneuver and the air in this area was 20-30 degrees hotter plus it was hot and sunny. Anyway I saw this girl faint ,fall down,and start to get trampled . No one seemed to care about her welfare and it was tough just to fend for yourself. Luckily being up front by the fence and security ,I shouted to a couple security staff telling them that this girl need help now ! With 3 security guys ,a couple people next to me ,and myself ,we were trying to pull her up and over. Bear in mind that there is no room to move an inch plus you are getting pushed very hard from behind. She is out cold and limp and we were all pulling her up but her clothes were ripping and it wasn't working. By this time there were 4-5 big security guys,and 3-4 people in the crowd trying to get her over the fence partition. Eventually the security staff had their bodies almost over the fence pulling her by her skin/fat. Still being out cold the poor girl finally got over the fence and was helped.There used to be a little person in Kid Rock's band. He seen the melee with the girl and was shaking his head like "what a shame". Kid Rock isn't my type of listening but it was fun with the strippers on stage. Korn was very good as always. I cant describe in words how packed it was in the front center for Korn.My shoelaces were stripped right off the bat. Then I lost a sneaker,went down to put it back on . While my head was dwn in the sea of legs ,I seen all kinds of people belongings that fell off their person . When I tried to get my head back up ,that real estate was already taken and was like war trying to stand back up again . I eventually went over the fence myself after Korn's last song because it was much faster to get out of the sweaty pack and I got a guitar pick from Munky. There was a first aid station toward the back of the field with a long long line of people bloody with injuries waiting to get medical treatment. I went there for some much needed water. Now I was walking around with no shirt or shoelaces and got something to eat and drink and watched the show from the upper seating area. My friends were nowhere to be found. I eventually found them and we went back to the floor to watch Metallica. There was a vicious mosh pit that was about 120 feet around. People were going totally berserk. I was watching people going full speed into the pit and then getting whipped around thew human meat grinder without coming out. If you went in that pit you were certain to get injured. But there were still at least 250+ people going at it in full riot mode with no contention. We eventually went up to the right side of the stage about 20 feet back with plenty of elbow room.This was the best area to watch and enjoy. Metallica sounded incredible and I remember telling a guy next to me that it doesn't get any better than this.

Brian Kowalczyk

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